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From left: Steven Reubenstone, Founder & CEO of Collaborizm; Robert Lancer, Chief Technology Officer & Lead Developer; and Anton Voltchok, Software Engineer & Lead Designer.

Collaborizm is an online tech incubator that is aiding underprivileged innovators to achieve their entrepreneurial goals. With most of its user base coming from the Eastern hemisphere, and more specifically, Asia and Africa, Collaborizm is changing the lives of millennials in poorer parts of the world, and has actually inspired somewhat of a quasi-religious movement in some of its users.

What is Collaborizm, and how different is it from other co-working spaces, collaboration tools and platforms?

Collaborizm is an online collaboration community and tech incubator that enables aspiring entrepreneurs, engineers, and creatives to form teams and experiment with ideas, virtually. It allows users to immediately start or join a project, form teams and commence working with like-minded people, globally. It is also a social network where highly-skilled users can share knowledge, inspire each other and display their talents.

The activity on the platform is remarkable. We have over 1,15,000 entrepreneurs and engineers collaborating, on everything from Android apps, mobile robots, video games, to film documentaries. This is not a show-and-tell maker platform; this is a place where skilled people collaborate on their passion projects. The platform also provides another unique benefit – because we “default to public” (open source) – the community acts as an extra teammate, providing mentorship to Collaborizm teams.

Let me illustrate this with an example. Nepal’s Light, a solar-powered-portable-charger-plus-flashlight redesigned on Collaborizm by Madindra Aryal, a young Nepali engineer, who built it to help his neighbours ravaged by the devastating 2015 Nepali quake, illustrates the potential of the platform. Madindra used Collaborizm to find virtual teammates globally to work with him on improving his prototype, and he successfully upgraded and distributed it to his community, where it is improving the quality of life of his neighbours. I can’t think of another platform having such a profound positive impact on the lives of their users.

How did you conceive this idea, and what are you solving?

 According to Steven Reaubenstone As a mechanical engineering student at University of Miami, Florida, I often had entrepreneurial ideas I wanted to explore. It was frustrating to sit with the same 10 ME students day after day, not to mention the rest of the campus and city of Miami. This made me realise that the big opportunity was creating a platform for creators and inventors enabling them to bridge these ‘collaborative silos’ and also provide a playground to explore the potential of ideas with new team mates. This was the seed inception of Collaborizm.

Form my own review collaborizm is an awesome platform that ever entrepreneur should get involve to.


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